Am I a Candidate for CoolSculpting?

The idea of being able to freeze away fat with CoolSculpting® sounds miraculous to some individuals. It seems miraculous because losing weight is so difficult. Everyone who has ever gone on a diet knows that it takes serious dedication. And it is only in recent years that weight loss and body contouring procedures have become available. If a person felt unsatisfied with their body after losing weight in years past, there was very little they could do to make any improvements to it. Nowadays, that is just not the case. There are so many body contouring and body sculpting procedures that are available. However, one of the most appealing to many is CoolSculpting®.

In order to qualify for the CoolSculpting® procedure, it is important for you to understand who the procedure has been designed for. This is not a procedure that will help an individual to lose fat all over their body. If an individual is not close to their ideal weight, they will not qualify. This procedure is designed to target stubborn fat pockets on the body that a person is not able to get rid of by means of exercise and diet alone. So, this procedure is designed for those who live a healthy lifestyle and are close to their ideal weight, yet no matter what they do, they just can’t get rid of certain areas of fat on their body.

The great thing about the CoolSculpting® procedure is that many people qualify for it because it is a non-invasive procedure. It does not have the same risk that comes with using a procedure like liposuction in order to get rid of fat. So many individuals who were once interested in liposuction but were not a candidate for the procedure very happily get information about CoolSculpting® and have been able to qualify for the procedure.

Another reason why so many people are interested in CoolSculpting® is because they do not experience any discomfort during the treatment. Of course, a person will feel a cold sensation when they are going through the procedure. However, this is not something that is considered to be highly uncomfortable. And a person does not need to go home and rest after the treatment. You do not have to spend days or even hours recovering and then hoping to see satisfying results.

After going through the CoolSculpting® procedure, patients do not see results right away. It takes at least a couple of weeks before they notice fat loss in the treated area. This is because it takes time for the body to get rid of the dead fat cells. The gradual results help them to look more natural.

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