Enjoy Longer, Fuller and Darker Lashes with Latisse

Many women will agree that they do not like the way they look without makeup. They will spend quite a bit of time in the morning getting ready for their day applying makeup and fixing their hair. Without makeup, many women feel like they look plain. Their eyes have no definition, it is hard to see the outline of their lips and their skin may not be smooth. However, after a woman applies makeup, she feels confident in her appearance and loves the definition her face has. If you were to ask a woman about one makeup item that is absolutely essential, it is very likely that she would say mascara. If she could only wear one type of makeup, it would be mascara. This is because many women have eyelashes that are short, light and thin.

Even though mascara is definitely able to thicken up the lashes and give them a darker color, there are a lot of downsides to using this product. Mascara can clump very easily. It has to be reapplied every day, and it has to be washed off. If you use waterproof mascara, you know that getting all of it off can be a challenge. If you do not use water waterproof mascara, you know that there is always the possibility that your mascara will run if you tear up or even if you sweat. So, while mascara has its benefits, a lot of people would just like to naturally have fuller, longer and darker eyelashes. Thankfully, this is now possible because of Latisse®.

Latisse® is a medication that has been helping women to enjoy longer, fuller and darker eyelashes. It is a medication that has to be prescribed by a medical professional. Our medical professional will make sure to give exact instructions on how this medication is applied in order for a patient to be able to enjoy better-looking eyelashes.

Latisse® is applied one time per day. It is applied using an applicator that is thrown away after each use. It is important to note that it is only applied along the upper lash line. When you close your eyes after using the product, a small amount will transfer to the lower lash line.

You may be wondering what kind of results you can expect if you were to use Latisse®. Many studies have been done using this product. And every study proves that the product definitely makes a person’s eyelashes longer, fuller and darker. This is true no matter what natural hair color a person has.

Scheduling a consultation at the Dermatology Laser Center and MediSpa is the best way for you to find out how Latisse® can help you. Don’t waste your money any longer using mascara or spend your time going through the hassle of applying and reapplying the product. Latisse® can give you more attractive eyelashes naturally. Our office is located in Owings Mills. Contact us today to book an appointment to learn more.