Get Rid of Your Old Ink with Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are commonly used to show expression and commitment, amongst other things. There could be any number of reasons why you’ve decided to get rid of your old ink, and one of the best treatment options available is laser tattoo removal.

Over time, laser tattoo removal has become popular because it’s nowhere near as uncomfortable as some of the other options. It also tends to be much more effective. If you’ve never had a tattoo removed with a laser, then you might have trouble understanding how the process works.

Although the procedure is very effective for removing tattoos, it takes time and patience. The process involves a series of treatments that are spaced a set amount of time apart.

The procedure is straightforward and consists of passing laser energy into your skin. The light energy from the laser is used to break up the ink molecules within your skin. Once the ink molecules have been broken apart, the lymphatic system within your body absorbs the molecules and removes them from your body.

When you come to our office for another treatment session, we’ll use our laser to break apart more ink molecules. The process must be repeated until the tattoo is gone. Although the process requires multiple treatments, no downtime is involved, so they are convenient for people with busy schedules and lifestyles.

Your heart plays a major role in the process because it helps remove the ink molecules from your body. The lymphatic system within your body can be compared to the local dump because it removes the trash from your body. Since your body views the broken ink particles as trash, it removes them.

Many patients don’t understand why color plays an important role in the removal process. The color of the ink is important because it determines what pieces of equipment will be used for the procedure. Color tattoos must be treated in stages, and a different adapter is needed to remove different colors.

The results that you can get from laser tattoo removal depend on several factors, but most patients are able to achieve satisfactory results. Once your old ink has been broken apart and removed by your body’s lymphatic system, it will fade away.

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