Laser Tattoo Removal


Dr. Snyder’s Internationally Recognized, Signature Procedure – Laser Tattoo Removal

Recognized locally, nationally and internationally for his expertise in laser tattoo removal, Dr. Steven B. Snyder was deemed the “King of Tattoo Removers” in The Washington Post and lauded as the “Tattoo Remover to the Tattoo Stars” in The Total Tattoo Book. Dr. Snyder’s expertise in laser tattoo removal was also featured in Men’s Health Magazine, Reader’s Digest,The Japanese Weekly,FDA Consumer Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, Tattoo Magazine, Baltimore Magazine, and numerous radio and television interviews.

An honoree of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, Dr. Snyder has performed laser tattoo removal for homemade, professional, single or multi-colored tattoos of all shapes and sizes.

Dr. Snyder’s Approach

Dr. Steven B. Snyder was the first physician in Maryland and the second in the nation to introduce and utilize the MEDLITE LASER for safe and effective laser tattoo removal in March 1992. Soon after, Dr. Snyder added the DERMA-LASE LASER to his armamentarium, to provide patients more wavelengths of light to treat and remove virtually all tattoo inks. He currently uses the revolutionary state-of-the-art PiQo4 Laser which combines both nanosecond and picosecond technology to remove virtually all tattoo ink colors more efficiently and more effectively in the fewest number of treatments with the least risks of scarring compared to any other laser treatment modalities.

Dr. Snyder’s Treatment

For tattoo removal, your initial consultation discussion with Dr. Snyder will be complimentary. Dr. Snyder will carefully evaluate your tattoo and treatment objectives, discuss the laser tattoo removal process in detail, share his numerous before-and-after treatment photos, answer all of your questions, and estimate the cost and number of treatments you may need during your complimentary consultation. If you decide to start your laser tattoo removal treatments, in most all cases Dr. Snyder will be able to begin your laser treatments on the very same day as your consultation.

Dr. Snyder appreciates the aesthetics and creativity of fine tattoo work, in both its’ application and later restoration and/or removal. Dr. Snyder has traveled extensively to immerse himself into tattoo communities and has participated in continuing education programs with many tattooists. Dr. Snyder has a particularly high opinion and respect for two famous tattooists, Tom Beasley and Mick Beasley, who co-own the Dragon Moon Tattoo Studio in Glen Burnie, Maryland at Dr. Snyder has had the privilege of personally observing their meticulous tattoo studio, their strict observance of the prevention of disease transmission, including steam sterilization of their tattoo instruments, and their superior artistic and technical skills. Dr. Snyder has been able to help patients who are tattoo enthusiasts to not only remove or partially remove their tattoos but also to “free up the canvas” and pave the way to transform their old tattoos into more desirable creative artwork, performed by their tattooists. The new works of art can be the same size, larger, or smaller than their original tattoos.


Before and After: video & photos

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