Regrow Missing Hair with Advanced Hair Transplants

For many people, dealing with hair loss is a challenge. Not only does it make you look older, but it can also have a serious impact on your self-esteem and your self-confidence. Thankfully, you do not have to simply accept the fact that you are going to lose more and more hair as you get older. You can reclaim your hair with ARTAS robotic hair transplants.

The primary reason a person starts to lose their hair is simply because of genetics. It can be passed on from one or both of your parents. In addition to genetics, there are other things that can cause or accelerate the hair loss process. These factors include vitamin deficiency, malnutrition or a serious illness. Some who may have had a healthy head of hair for their entire life could even end up dealing with hair loss because of hair dye or chemical relaxers that were incorrectly applied.

Many have benefited from hair transplants. However, before you learn anything more about them, the main thing you are likely wondering is if they really work. The great news is that advanced ARTAS robotic hair transplants really do work! When we are talking about hair transplants, we are talking about moving hair from a healthy area of your scalp to an area that is no longer growing hair the way it used to. The area where the healthy hair is taken from is referred to as the donor site. The area where it is transferred is referred to as the recipient site.

The best thing about hair transplants is that it is very uncommon for them to be rejected. This is because they are not a foreign tissue, so once they have been accepted, your hair grows naturally in the recipient site once again. Hair from the donor site that has now been transplanted to the recipient area will have the same color, texture and features as the hair on the rest of your head.

When most people think about balding or losing hair, they think about men with male pattern baldness. While it is true that some men are dealing with male pattern baldness and other hair loss issues, many women must deal with this problem as well. In some cases, this problem can be even more devastating for women. Fortunately, women can also regrow missing hair with hair transplants.

In order to receive hair transplants, you will need to meet some qualifications. You will get to learn more about ARTAS hair transplants. You will be able to meet one-on-one with our skilled doctor and find out what this treatment can do for you at Dermatology Laser Center and MediSpa in Owings Mills. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and learn more!