Skin Conditions: Psoriasis

Dr. Steven Snyder specializes in the diagnosis and management of complicated skin conditions including, psoriasis. Psoriasis often presents as red, scaly patches with silvery white scales, they can appear all over your body most commonly including the:

  • elbows
  • knees
  • groin
  • scalp


Dr. Snyder’s Approach
Treatment by Dr. Steven Snyder, MD

Depending on the location, extent and severity of your condition, Dr. Snyder will customize a treatment regimen that may include  a combination of the following:

  • topical prescriptions
  • oral prescriptions
  • in-office products
  • ultraviolet light (UVB and/or PUVA)
  • biologics (such as Humira, Enbrel and Stelera)
  • XTRAC ULTRA Excimer Laser treatments

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