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young woman with beautiful skin after BBL Photofacial treatment
pretty woman with beautiful skin after BBL Photofacial treatment

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BBL Photofacial in Baltimore, MD

BBL Photofacial is an FDA-cleared beauty treatment that rejuvenates the skin using BroadBand Light (BBL). This popular non-invasive solution reduces signs of aging, sun damage, and other blemishes. Men and women get Photofacials because they are painless and require no recovery time.

Reclaim your youth with a BBL HERO Photofacial. Dr. Snyder of Dermatology Laser Center and MediSpa in Owings, Mills, MD, is the premier provider of BBL Photofacials with HERO by Sciton. Learn more about this incredible skin treatment by calling (410) 356-0000. Book a free consultation today and discover how it can improve your look.

BBL Photofacial Benefits

BBL Photofacial Before and After*

BBL Photofacial before and after pictures show the power of broadband light therapy when reversing aging signs and fixing skin imperfections. As with any aesthetic treatment, individual results vary. * But every patient sees impressive improvement in their skin texture and tone.

How Photofacials Work

Photofacials rely on powerful light pulses to renew the skin. During your session, a laser specialist targets this light energy at the treatment site(s) to address skin imperfections. These light pulses penetrate through the skin tissue and into the deepest dermis layer. From there, the light heats the area with thermal energy to trigger the body’s natural therapeutic response. Photofacials restore and repair aging skin in many ways, such as:

Skin Rejuvenation

Broadband light passes through the skin to heat the top dermis layer with thermal energy. It instantly rejuvenates the skin so that patients look more luminous and youthful. In addition, BBL Photofacials encourage the body to create more collagen. Increased collagen results in a nicer complexion and fewer facial wrinkles.

Diminishes Vascular Lesions and Calms Redness

If you feel self-conscious about noticeable veins, BBL Photofacials can help. The thermal energy tackles uneven skin tone and addresses broken capillaries, red spots, port wine stains, facial veins, and more. The veins constrict when the thermal energy heats blood cells under the skin’s surface. As a result, they become smaller and less visible.

Corrects Sun Damage

Most aging signs manifest from years of sun exposure. This is why you may notice more brown spots and uneven skin tone as you get older. A BBL Photofacial can reverse sun damage. A trained specialist can calibrate the BBL’s wavelength to target the melanin under the skin. From here, the thermal energy absorbs the melanin and breaks it apart. Eventually, the body removes the fragmented melanin as waste. The final result is a more even and smooth complexion.

Clears Acne

Research has shown that Photofacials can fix acne. The thermal energy constricts the sebaceous glands’ blood supply, which prevents the body from producing too much sebum (the skin’s natural oil that causes breakouts). In addition, the light energy breaks down bacteria that build up on the skin. Excess bacteria and impurities cause acne and blackheads. Since Photofacials get to the root of the issue, patients enjoy clear skin.

BBL Photofacial Treatment Applications

Photofacials leverage advanced BBL technology to improve skin blemishes and imperfections like:

Cost of Photofacial with Sciton’s BBL Hero

The cost of a Photofacial with Sciton’s BBL Hero differs per patient. Several factors determine the final price, including the number of treatment areas, your aesthetic goals, and the unique parameters of your treatment plan.

The best way to get an accurate quote is to book a free consultation with Dermatology Laser Center and MediSpa. During this initial meeting, you can discuss your expectations and budget with one of our laser specialists. They can evaluate your skin condition and determine if a Photofacial is right for you. If so, our team can devise an effective treatment plan to meet your needs.

Photofacial Results*

Patients observe impressive Photofacial results after one session, but most need 3-5 sessions to reap the full benefits of BBL Photofacial using Hero by Sciton. We usually space out the treatments one month apart to yield the best outcome. As with any cosmetic treatment, individual results differ.* The precise number of sessions you need depends on your current skin condition.

Photofacial Risks and Side Effects

BBL Photofacials are FDA-cleared to be safe and effective for anti-aging. It is a non-invasive treatment with few risks and side effects when done by a professional. There is also no downtime involved. But some clients experience mild redness and swelling at the treatment site(s). These effects subside within a few hours post-treatment.

Patients can resume their regular skincare and makeup routines after receiving a Photofacial. It is not uncommon for veins to look redder than usual for 2-3 days following the procedure. Brown spots may appear darker for up to a week after treatment.

If you have specific concerns regarding risks and side effects, you can share them with a laser specialist during your consultation.

Select Dr. Snyder for BBL Photofacials

Dr. Snyder is a top provider of BBL Photofacials with Hero by Sciton in the Owings Mills, MD region. He has completed many successful BBL HERO therapy treatments. Men and women in the area trust him for Photofacials and all things beauty because he prioritizes patient safety and satisfaction.

Photofacial Near Me in Baltimore

Want to learn more about BBL Photofacials using Hero by Sciton? Visit Dr. Snyder at Dermatology Laser Center and MediSpa. Call (410) 356-0000 to book your complimentary consultation.

LASER Facial

$100 OFF

First BBL Photofacial

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**Results may vary. We are reputable for complete customer satisfaction for completed treatments. Before and after images reflect real results from real patients, although individual results may vary. No treatment is promised to provide permanent results. A guarantee is neither provided nor implied. Statements estimating treatment duration and the number of treatments required are based on the typical experience of our patients, however individual experiences may vary.

*Promotions: Get $100 off your first BBL Photofacial treatment. Contact Dermatology Laser Center & Medspa for full offer details.

LASER Facial

$100 OFF

First BBL Photofacial

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