If you have been bothered by a facial redness that looks like a blush, pimples, and thin red lines due to enlarged blood vessels or even lumps appearing on your nose, you may have the condition known as Rosacea. It develops slowly over time, and some days the redness can be more pronounced than others. Unfortunately, if left untreated, Rosacea can worsen over time. Blood vessels get progressively larger and more pronounced and the lumpiness of the nose can progressively worsen and cause disfigurement.

Dr. Snyder’s Approach and Treatment

Because of the gradual development of this condition many people don’t even notice Rosacea in its early stages. In fact, you might just chalk it off as sunburn, or a change in your complexion, or occasional acne, and put off seeking any treatment. But unless you seek the help of a board certified dermatologist, like Dr. Snyder, who is uniquely qualified to recognize and treat Rosacea in its earliest stages, you could be delaying the help you need that would otherwise slow or even stop the progression of Rosacea.

During your consultation and examination, Dr. Snyder will carefully evaluate your skin condition and use a multi-prong approach in developing a tailor-made treatment plan for you specifically to both treat and prevent new facial blood vessels, redness and acne. Dr. Snyder will recommend the avoidance of your trigger factors, and depending on the severity of your condition, he will prescribe topical and/or oral prescription medications, in-office cosmeceutical products, and MediSpa facials that reduce redness and acne pimples. Dr. Snyder may also offer laser and Photorejuvenation treatments that can reduce and eliminate facial blood vessels.

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