Comparing Fat Removal Treatments: Sono Bello, CoolSculpting & Lipo

a woman's body displaying her belly's side fat
a woman's body displaying her belly's side fat

Comparing Fat Removal Treatments: Sono Bello, CoolSculpting & Lipo

A fail-safe way to get that slim figure you’ve been dreaming of? Sure, they’ve always said to stay active and eat a healthy diet. And yes, those are good things to do for yourself. But for many people, they’re not the only steps to take to reach goals.

Sometimes we have pockets of stubborn fat in areas of the body that seem impossible to get rid of. That’s where med spas come to the rescue.

On the journey towards looking and feeling like your best self, some choose to undergo surgeries that alter appearance. There is nothing wrong with that – surgery can be a highly effective way to achieve the specific look you’re hoping for. Plus, it offers fast, dramatic results that enhance your aesthetic.

Can Fat Be Removed Without Surgery?

But surgery is not the choice for everyone. Some prefer to stay away from anesthesia, stitches, and recovery time. Others don’t want to spend the money on a pricier procedure, and would rather find something more affordable. Still others have contraindications that prevent them from undergoing surgery.

There are many options available to those who are or cannot try surgical procedures. While that is fantastic news for everyone, it also means there are decisions to be made. With so many treatment choices, it can be overwhelming to figure out which one (or ones) are best for you. Your body and goals are going to be different than the next person, just like how your body responds to treatment.

Let’s go through some of the most sought-after fat-reduction solutions, comparing them so you have all the details necessary to make your choice.

CoolSculpting Vs. Liposuction

When it comes to CoolSculpting and Liposuction, the important thing to note is that one is surgical and the other is not. Liposuction has long been called the gold standard in surgical treatment for excess fat and was the most popular plastic surgery procedure in 2021-2022.

CoolSculpting is massively popular as a non-surgical alternative. Having been successful for more than 20 years, CoolSculpting services are in high demand.

Liposuction Treatment Areas & Candidacy

As a surgical procedure, Liposuction requires either local or general anesthesia. Using suction, Liposuction removes fat from specific areas of the body such as:

The ideal Lipo candidate will be an adult with average or slightly above-average weight – a healthy, nonsmoker who has pockets of unwanted fat and realistic body goals. As this is a surgical procedure, you must be able to dedicate four to six weeks of recovery time to let your body heal after treatment.

CoolSculpting Fat Freezing Treatment

Rather than going under the knife, CoolSculpting is a fat-freezing treatment that gives patients the opportunity to reduce unwanted fat in specific areas and still drive themselves home after treatment. There is no anesthesia, incisions, or injections in a CoolSculpting session.

CoolSculpting can target nine areas, including:

By using cooling technology known as cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting exposes fat cells to the precise temperature necessary to induce crystallization, which leads to cell death. A targeted amount of fat cells will then be processed out of the body through lymphatic drainage.

CoolSculpting Ideal Candidate

An ideal CoolSculpting candidate will be someone looking for a reduction of fat in a specific area of the body. This person will be at or near the goal weight, with enough excess fat that it’s pinchable. That means the fat lies above the muscle wall (subcutaneous fat) – fat that is jiggly, fluffy, and just below the skin.

Subcutaneous fat can be very difficult to get rid of, and even though it’s completely harmless, it’s frustrating and potentially embarrassing. So long as you are a healthy individual who meets the qualifications above, there’s a good chance you are an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment to go through your medical history and body contouring goals to find out for sure!

Is CoolSculpting More Effective Than Liposuction?

If removing larger amounts of fat is your goal, then Liposuction will be more effective, as it can safely remove between six and eight pounds. For a smaller amount of fat reduction, CoolSculpting can eliminate up to 25% of fat cells in the area each treatment. Patients can schedule multiple CoolSculpting sessions to continue building on the results of the last treatment.

There is also a newer version of CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting Elite is has advanced technology, making it more effective than its predecessor in that it can treat two areas at once.

Sono Bello Vs. CoolSculpting

Both Sono Bello and CoolSculpting remove unwanted fat, smoothing bulges for a slimmer, contoured physique. However, Sono Bello is a Laser Liposuction procedure. It requires local anesthesia, meaning you are awake but the treatment area is numb. Incisions are made before a laser loosens fat before it is suctioned out, leaving you several pounds lighter.

The convenience aspect alone can make the decision for some people – with Sono Bello, you will need to account for healing time and having someone drive you home after the procedure. Recovery time is typically two or three days of rest along with compression garments for several weeks.

Sono Bello can treat just about anywhere on the body, although it’s commonly chosen for the abs, waist, and hip areas. Results typically show within six months of treatment.

Laser Lipo Vs. CoolSculpting

While it’s one of the popular choices, Sono Bello is not the only laser fat removal treatment. There are both minimally invasive and non-invasive laser Lipo options, also known as laser lipolysis. The minimally invasive laser lipolysis solution involves one small incision for the provider to insert the laser applicator. Compression garments are helpful during the recovery of this procedure as it will take a few days to get back to your routine.

The non-invasive version uses applicator pads that rest on the skin. This doesn’t involve anesthesia as there are no incisions, so patients can drive themselves home. You can also return to work and resume regular activities right away.

Laser Lipo results can be visible around the six-week mark after treatment, showing in full after three months. CoolSculpting results start to show as early as six weeks after treatment, with the biggest improvements visible after two or three months.

Is CoolSculpting or Laser Lipo More Effective?

Both CoolSculpting and Laser Liposuction are non-invasive fat reduction treatments that provide similar results. While the results are not as dramatic as surgical fat removal, the improvements that either treatment brings make them the best choice for many. The easiest way to decide which option is going to be better for you is by scheduling a consultation. When you find a provider that you trust, you’ll have guidance along your journey towards fat loss.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Rid of Fat?

The cost of fat removal treatments varies significantly since there are so many types. Plus, the location of your medical spa and the treatment area itself factor largely into pricing. For example, Liposuction can range anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000, with an average of $3,600 per treatment area. The average cost of CoolSculpting is $3,200 per treatment area. Sono Bello can range anywhere from $2,500 to $4,500.

To determine the exact cost that you would pay for fat removal, visit a med spa of your choice to speak with professionals about your goals. A range of cost can give you an idea of what to expect, but a consultation will give you the exact price.

Best Fat Removal Procedures in Baltimore

Whether you’re coming back for more treatments or it’s your first time exploring the world of medical spas, visit our Owings Mills office for fat removal in the Baltimore area. You’re welcome to come in for a complimentary consultation, where we can discuss your goals, timeline, and budget. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have and get to work finding the perfect solution for your situation.

Body contouring doesn’t need to feel overwhelming or confusing. The right provider will help you by offering advice and solutions that suit your lifestyle. You should feel comfortable and confident, knowing you’re in good hands.

Give us a call at () to learn more about fat removal treatments or schedule your appointment.

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Laser Facial Benefits: Elevate Your Skincare Routine

laser facial
laser facial

Laser Facial Benefits

How Laser Skin Resurfacing Takes Skincare to a New Level

There are so many laser treatments available, all of which help target different concerns. A laser facial, also known as laser skin resurfacing, is a non-surgical treatment for facial rejuvenation. Using sophisticated laser technology, this facial reduces the signs of aging, improves blemishes, and reinvigorates your appearance with a healthier, more radiant complexion. It also evens skin pigmentation, tightens skin, and removes lesions. 

Read on to learn more about laser facials, including the options you have, and all the benefits they bring to determine if laser skin resurfacing is right for you.


There are a variety of cosmetic lasers meant to target all sorts of issues. They vary in wavelength and intensity. Different wavelengths are utilized to treat various skin concerns. And different intensities penetrate the skin at different depths. More robust lasers penetrate deeper and deliver more dramatic results. They are also more invasive than gentler lasers.

For example, fractional lasers are non-invasive, targeting a fraction of the skin’s surface at one time while non-fractionated lasers treat the entire surface. Non-ablative lasers don’t damage the outer layer of your skin, while ablative lasers remove the top layer of skin to help with deeper issues.

Some of the popular types of lasers include:

  • XTRAC laser for many forms of psoriasis
  • MOXI Laser for skin rejuvenation
  • CO2 Lasers for more profound skin flaws

At  Dermatology Laser Center and Medispa, we use only the most advanced cosmetic technologies. This includes the eMatrix Sublative Rejuvenation laser system. Sublative lasers help stimulate collagen production for better elasticity within the skin. This brings tighter, smoother skin that appears brighter.

Do Laser Facials Hurt?

The most patients typically report feeling from a laser facial is that of a rubber band snapping against the skin. It’s quite minimal discomfort, especially as your skin adjusts to the feeling of treatment and you stop noticing the feeling. Once the treatment is over, any discomfort ceases and you are free to continue your day, taking precautions to protect your sensitive skin as it heals.

someone who's snapping a rubber band

Benefits of Laser Facial

The laser facial utilizes advanced technology to resurface the skin. The laser safely penetrates the skin and warms the various layers of tissue with thermal energy. Heating the tissue triggers physiological responses that rejuvenate the skin, including reversing or improving:

Laser facials treat more than just the face. Laser resurfacing rejuvenates numerous areas of the body. However, the most requested treatment areas (besides the face) include the neck and chest area (decolletage) for cellular renewal, collagen creation, and skin tightening.

Cellular Renewal

Thermal energy from the cosmetic laser initiates cellular renewal. Cellular renewal is where the cells of the epidermis (top layer of skin) are continually regenerating. New, healthy cells form in the bottom layer of the skin, eventually making their way to the surface. This helps remove irregularities in tone and texture and exfoliates the surface of dead or dull skin cells. The process triggers a healing response in the body, which can repair scar tissue and offer scar flexibility as tissues tighten.

The final results reveal the underlying layer of fresh, healthy skin cells. In addition, the skin is brightened for a more radiant complexion.

Collagen Creation

Heating the deeper layers of skin tissue rejuvenates the skin on a cellular level. The thermal energy initiates collagenisis (or the creation of collagen.) This vital structural protein supports the skin and keeps it looking young, taut, healthy, and blemish-free. Collagen breaks down, and production depletes as we get older. 

This depletion of collagen means more wrinkles, blemishes, and laxity to age our face. By stimulating the production of collagen, the laser facial rejuvenates the face by:

Essentially, a laser facial helps return elasticity to your skin for a youthful appearance.

Skin Tightening

In addition to improving skin laxity by creating more collagen, thermal energy also causes the fibers that make up the skin matrix to contract or tighten. Since collagen makes up 80% of your skin’s structure, replenishing it helps bring strength back to accommodate the aging process. Therefore, even during weight gain, the skin is more readily able to expand as the body grows, remaining vibrant and supple.

Laser Facial Before and After*

Before and after images showing a woman's face with uneven skin tone and texture before and smoother, brighter skin after Moxi Laser treatment in Baltimore.
skin rejuvenation before and after photos
skin rejuvenation before and after photos

*Results vary depending on the type of laser facial, frequency of treatments, and skincare regimen after treatment.

Maximizing Your Laser Facial Results

Your laser treatment aftercare routine will make all the difference in the healing process. The day after treatment, you’ll use Vaseline or a gel recommended by your provider to coat the skin in moisturizing nourishment. Moisturizers should include fulfilling ingredients that offer deep hydration such as:

To avoid irritation and washing away any of the goodness that the treatment brings, avoid washing your face later in the day after treatment. Ice packs are incredibly beneficial in reducing any redness and inflammation, and Tylenol can alleviate any discomfort.

Cleansing & Protecting the Skin After Laser Treatment

Use gentle cleansers the days following your appointment (your provider should offer recommendations). Consider antimicrobial towels and pillowcases to help your skin stay at its best. While it’s not a necessary step, using antimicrobial materials around your face helps keep the surface free from bacteria that cause irritation.

Your skin will be in a highly sensitive state as you recover from a laser facial, making it more susceptible to the sun’s UV rays. As new cells generate and the skin heals, avoid too much time in the sun. Wear a hat and sunglasses, even if it’s not overly sunny outside. Remember your sunscreen – at least SPF 30 – applications should be just as frequent on a bright day as a cloudy one. Damaging rays can still reach your skin if it’s not very sunny.

Makeup application often shouldn’t happen for around a week after your appointment. While some providers are fine with less time between using makeup and a laser facial, giving your skin the extra time to heal before covering it with heavier products will only serve you better.

woman wearing a hat and sunglasses

Setting Yourself Up For Success Before Laser Treatment

Since everyone has different skin conditions and concerns to address, it’s important to share your goals with your specialist in their entirety. Many times, it’s possible to strategically combine laser services to cover a variety of issues. Plus, you should have a clear understanding of what to expect with your laser facial of choice. 

Facials are quick, typically taking under an hour, and offer dramatic results that you can maintain for continually healthy skin. Knowing what to expect before, during, and after treatment makes all the difference in loving your results.

Photofacial Vs. Laser Facial

The difference between a photofacial and laser facial is that BBL Photofacials use BroadBand Light pulses to renew the skin. Photofacials are less invasive than laser treatments. This makes them a great solution for anyone who has minimal skin concerns and doesn’t want to take any recovery time. 

Laser facials take a bit of time to heal before seeing optimal results. It usually takes about a week after your treatment for your skin to eliminate debris – your skin will be dry and peel as it regenerates a healthy layer of skin. Patients who choose laser treatments should take the necessary precautions after an appointment, including avoiding irritating products and direct sunlight. This means wearing hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. However, taking this time for healing has the maximum impact on results. Laser facials offer dramatic improvements to skin concerns that can make you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable.

Laser Facial Near Me: Laser Skin Rejuvenation in Baltimore

You deserve to love the skin you’re in. At Dermatology Laser Center and Medispa, our professionals are more than happy to help you find the right solution for your skin concerns. Don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule an appointment – you’re welcome to come visit us for a free consultation. This gives you the chance to ask questions, address concerns, and create a custom treatment plan that reaches your goals. We are here to see that you find the perfect solution. 

Our clean, comfortable Owings Mills location offers services to those in Northern Baltimore, Garrison, Pikesville, Randallstown, Towson, and surrounding areas. 

Call (410) 356-0000 or reach out online today for a laser facial!

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CoolSculpting: Cold Sculpt Technology Reduces Fat

young woman doing yoga
young woman doing yoga

CoolSculpting: Use Cold Sculpt Technology to Reduce Unwanted Fat

What many people refer to as cold sculpt, is the revolutionary CoolSculpting treatment that reduces fat using controlled cooling. CoolSculpting is the #1 non-invasive fat reduction treatment in the world. Millions of men and women opt for cold sculpt treatments in order to contour their bodies and shape attractive curves. On average, patients lose 14.6 to 28.5% of their body fat with CoolSculpting.

With quick, convenient 35-minute treatment times, CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared and scientifically proven to reduce diet- and exercise-resistant fat. Sessions are virtually painless, and with little to no downtime, it’s an easy treatment to squeeze into busy schedules.

The Science Behind CoolSculpting

Cold sculpt treatments are accomplished with the science of cryolipolysis. ‘Cryo’ means cold, ‘lipo’ refers to fat cells, and ‘lysis’ means cell death and removal. Advanced technology in applicators will gather fat in a target area and expose fat cells to controlled cooling.

During this process, the fat cells will freeze; fat cells will crystallize and rupture. When this occurs, the cells are no longer functional, and the body will process them out as waste via the lymphatic system. CoolSculpting treatments literally freeze away fat. Best of all, once fat cells are gone, they’re gone for good.

CoolSculpting Results

Results appear anywhere within 8 to 12 weeks. Many patients see fat reduction results within two months of treatment. One of the best parts about CoolSculpting is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Fat cells continue to be eliminated from the body for up to six months after a CoolSculpting procedure.

CoolSculpting is Not for Weight Loss

Remember, CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss treatment. It is more of a body-shaping treatment that eliminates portions of fatty cells from the targeted body area. These destroyed cells cannot grow back.

Therefore, this is a long-lasting fat reduction treatment. CoolSculpting before and after pictures can help you determine whether fat-freezing will bring the results you are looking for.

Professional CoolSculpting Vs. At-Home CoolSculpting

Going to a medical spa for body contouring means that you are employing the help of trained specialists with state-of-the-art equipment. CoolSculpting uses science so as not to cause damage to any other cells as it does to fat cells. Therefore, there is no harm that comes to underlying tissues and skin.

During the treatment, the CoolSculpting practitioner vacuums the fatty tissue area into an applicator to cool the fat cells. The freezing temperature will numb that particular skin area. Some people describe it as a cooling sensation; most patients report the procedure as easily tolerable.

DIY CoolSculpting

It’s not uncommon to want to find solutions you can do at home, on your schedule, without spending money. And people try DIY CoolSculpting by mimicking the cold sculpt technology, but the results are often damaging. What happens is that the cold doesn’t properly penetrate the skin and target fat cells, so individuals wind up with frostbite. This doesn’t happen with professionals.

Fat cells are not hardy like skin cells. When the fat is exposed to the extreme cooling of Cryolipolysis, the cells freeze while the skin and surrounding tissue remain unharmed. When the fat cells freeze, the cellular structure becomes damaged, causing it to die. In response, the body collects the disabled cells. Weeks after treatment, the lymphatic system processes the cells out of the body as waste.

CoolSculpting Cost

The cost of body contouring with CoolSculpting varies. Treatments are created to fit the needs of each patient, thus meaning each treatment plan is vastly different from other plans. The total cost for a CoolSculpting plan depends on the size and shape of the applicators, the target treatment areas, and the number of cooling cycles in the plan. You can get a personalized body contouring cost by scheduling a free consultation. During your visit, you talk to a technician about the cost of treatment. If CoolSculpting is suitable for your body, they create a plan that achieves optimal fat reduction and fits in with your budget.

CoolSculpting Near Me

Cold sculpt your fat and reduce stubborn bulges by choosing body contouring experts. Now that you know about fat-freezing, the next question should be; What is CoolSculpting capable of doing for you?

If you want to learn more about CoolSculpting and how you can receive a safe, effective treatment in luxury, contact Dermatology Laser Center and Medispa. We are a premier CoolSculpting provider in the Baltimore area, helping men and women achieve their dream shape with the best cosmetic services.

Our patients lose fat in comfort at our pristine medical center with licensed, trained body contouring specialists. Each CoolSculpting patient receives treatments that provide optimal fat reduction. Call us at 410-356-0000 to schedule your free consultation.

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What Area is Best for Emsculpt NEO? A Treatment Guide

beautiful woman doing exercise promoting Emsuclpt NEO treatment
beautiful woman doing exercise promoting Emsuclpt NEO treatment

Best Emsculpt NEO Areas: A Treatment Guide

Trying to lose fat and build muscle is a challenge many of us face. Maybe you’re already making meal plans and hitting the gym, but you’re also thinking about adding a treatment that speeds up results.

Emsculpt NEO is FDA-cleared to build muscle and reduce fat in the abdomen, the buttocks, the arms, and the legs (including thighs and calves).

Here’s how and why these are the best areas to treat with Emsculpt NEO. Remember that the key to stunning results is finding the right provider. You should feel comfortable and confident moving forward with a team you trust.

Popular Emsculpt NEO Treatment Areas

Providers equipped with the latest Emsculpt NEO technology will be able to treat specific target areas to help you sculpt the body of your dreams. Read on to learn about the treatment areas of Emsculpt NEO and how this popular cosmetic treatment can benefit your specific body contouring goals.

Emsculpt NEO Arms

The newest applicator for Emsculpt NEO is a small applicator designed to treat arms. The upper arm areas are notorious problem areas that so many of us face.

Upper arm fat is directly influenced by age, genetics, and hormones. This means that the fat may persist regardless of your diet or healthy lifestyle. Emsculpt NEO’s new applicator targets stubborn fat deposits in the upper arms.

During treatments, RF (radio frequency) energy melts the stubborn fat. At the same time, HIFEM® (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) energy strengthens muscle at the equivalent of 20,000 bicep curls.

Emsculpt NEO Arms Before and After*

Emsculpt NEO Stomach / Abs

Many men and women choose Emsculpt NEO treatments to get the coveted six-pack abs. Treatments on the stomach tone and strengthen the core muscles unlike anything else. Many studies show that attaining abs is more complex than it appears. Your work in the gym can be hidden by stubborn fat that does not respond well, if at all, to ab workouts.

Additionally, many cosmetic treatments do not target muscles and only focus on reducing fat. Emsculpt NEO can do both. Abdomen treatments effectively melt stubborn fat with RF energy and build abdominal muscle with HIFEM energy. You can experience the equivalent of 20,000 crunches in just one treatment.

Emsculpt NEO Abs Before and After*

Emsculpt NEO Buttocks

Emsculpt NEO is a favorite non-surgical alternative to a butt lift. Traditional butt lift procedures are surgical, which includes general anesthesia, stitches, and associated risks.

Emsculpt NEO provides a plumper backside non-invasively with little to no downtime. In addition, during Emsculpt NEO buttock treatments, new tissue necessary for volumetric growth is created while the existing tissue is strengthened. Together, these effects lift and reduce stubborn fat for a firmer and perkier appearance.

Emsculpt NEO Buttocks Before and After*

Emsculpt NEO Thighs

Thighs and legs can be tough to maintain, especially if you are pear-shaped, or heavier on your lower half. Stubborn pockets of fat tend to collect around the legs and upper thighs, even with healthy eating and exercise habits.

Some people exercise intensively and often, seeking trainers and other assistance to slim their legs, and still have trouble reaching their goals. In fact, if you’re a woman struggling with thick thighs, you may be on the receiving end of hormone-influenced fat deposits.

Now, thanks to continually improving technology, Emsculpt NEO reduces an average of 30% excess fat while increasing muscle by an average of 25%. Since it focuses on both fat reduction and muscle building, Emsculpt NEO is more effective than CoolSculpting.

Emsculpt NEO Before and After Thighs*

Emsculpt NEO Calves

If you’re not among the rare few who seem to have been gifted with solid calves, it can be a battle to tone them. Emsculpt Neo can help you reach your goals with each 30-minute session. And with no downtime after your appointment, you start to see results fast without surgery or injectables.

At Dermatology Laser Center & Medispa, our team creates a custom treatment plan with you to determine the right number of sessions for your calves.

Emsculpt NEO Before and After Calves*

Emsculpt neo calf treatment before and after

Find Out if Emsculpt NEO in Baltimore is Right For You

As you can see in the before and afters, the treatment reduces fat and builds muscle. The best way to maintain your Emsculpt NEO results is through a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Even though the technology eliminates stubborn fat cells and tones the treatment area, it is still possible to gain weight if you aren’t eating well and using your muscles.

If you’re in the Baltimore area and are ready to target stubborn fat with Emsculpt NEO, our team is here to help! Schedule a complimentary consultation by calling 410-356-0000.

*Keep in mind that results vary depending on your treatment area, intensity level, and number of sessions.

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MOXI™ Laser Healing: A Laser Treatment Aftercare Guide

a lovely woman showing her beautiful face
a lovely woman showing her beautiful face

MOXI™ Laser Healing: A Laser Treatment Aftercare Guide

Finding a treatment that reverses existing damage and prevents future complications has always been a goal in medical aesthetics. And in the past, it wasn’t always doable. Technology needed to improve, and more research needed to be done. But now, the MOXI laser exists and is known for its prejuvenation qualities.

Prejuvenation means ‘preventative rejuvenation” and refers to the anti-aging results seen with MOXI. It addresses current skin conditions and helps stop more damage from occurring.

At Dermatology Laser Center & Medispa, MOXI laser resurfacing is a popular choice for all skin types, all year round. We work with our patients to create a treatment plan that fits individual needs and offer support through the end of each healing process.

MOXI Laser Recovery

This customizable treatment caters to each person’s needs, meaning downtime looks slightly different for everyone. As you heal, there are a few things you can do to speed things up and keep yourself comfortable. Proper cleansing, moisturizer, and sunscreen application will be the key.

Hours After MOXI Laser

Some patients experience pinpoint bleeding. This is not something to worry about, as it often goes away within 12 hours.

Days After MOXI Laser

Immediately following this procedure, you can expect some swelling and redness. Swelling is typically the most noticeable the morning after, particularly around the eyes. To try and combat this discomfort, sleep with your head elevated for a couple of nights.

Most patients notice some swelling for the first two to four days of healing.
Two or three days after treatment, your skin will show tiny dark spots. With a slightly bronzed appearance, you will also notice that your skin is dry and feels like sandpaper.

The dark spots and bronzed look come from something called MENDs (microscopic epidermal necrotic debris). They are a normal part of the healing process, just like the dry skin that will flake and peel off. You can help support this process by moisturizing properly and not picking at the skin.

Weeks After MOXI Laser

If you’re getting MOXI laser treatment on your body, it will typically take two weeks to finish peeling. However, once your skin finishes flaking, you will be left with a rosy glow. Eventually, this glow will fade into naturally fresh-looking skin.

MOXI Before and After

MOXI works with all skin types, and with a custom treatment plan, your skin will soon be looking brighter and more healthy.

Keep in mind that results vary from person to person, based on the depth of treatment and the number of sessions. We recommend three to four treatments, about four to six weeks apart. But you can expect to see results after the first session!

MOXI Laser Aftercare

The better you are with your skincare and healing process, the faster you will see results. Plus, you will likely amplify the results, giving yourself the best possible skin.

These are all of our best tips for making the most of your MOXI laser treatment.

Skin Care Post-Laser Treatment

On the day of your MOXI Laser session, do not cleanse your skin. Let it rest.

The next day, you can begin a basic skincare routine that involves:

  • Cleansing twice a day with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser
  • Avoiding a powerful shower stream, whirlpools, and really hot water
  • Applying an even layer of broadband protection sunscreen that is at least SPF 30
  • Avoiding any rubbing, scrubbing, or exfoliants to help prevent irritation
  • Applying moisturizer to prevent additional dryness
  • Avoiding too much exercise so that you aren’t sweating profusely

When washing your face after laser treatment, use careful patting motions with your hands. And when you’re showering, try not to get shampoo or conditioner on the treated area.

MOXI Laser Side Effects

Feeling warm after treatment is fairly common, and the area might continue to feel warm up to 24 hours post-appointment. This, along with the swelling we mentioned earlier, can be alleviated with cold compresses and mineral water sprays.

Protect your skin from potential blistering, scarring, or hyperpigmentation by wearing a hat and protective clothing along with your dedicated sunscreen regimen.

A chart depicting various potential side effects of Moxi Laser and what to do to alleviate symptoms

Side effects from MOXI laser that indicate you should call your healthcare provider include:

  • Running a fever
  • Pus-like drainage
  • Excessive warmth
  • Extreme itching

These are far less common but more serious. Be sure to find a MOXI provider that you trust so that you can have peace of mind throughout your treatment and recovery.

How Long Does Skin Take to Heal After Laser Treatment?

Depending on the nature of your condition, level of treatment, and area to address, healing time can take between five days and a month. While your skin is healing and sensitive, avoid heavy creams or cosmetics that can irritate your face.

After this time, you might still notice some residual pinkness to your skin since it’s all fresh now, but this can be corrected with makeup if you prefer. Keep in mind that any brushes you use should either be clean or new. This will help maintain clear skin and avoid potential infection.

MOXI Laser in Owings Mills, MD

Laser skin resurfacing improves the signs of aging. By repairing existing damage and promoting new, healthy growth, the MOXI laser is a highly requested treatment in Owings Mills, MD, and the surrounding Baltimore area.

Known as the best preventative option for young adults, MOXI laser typically leaves very minimal downtime. However, it’s always best to know the possibilities before committing to a treatment, which is why we created this guide.

If you have any questions, or concerns, or would like to schedule an appointment for MOXI, give our Dermatology Laser Center & Medispa team a call at (410) 356-0000.

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Ditch the Scalpel: 4 Revolutionary Non-surgical Facelifts That Work

a lovely woman showing her lovely face from the side
a lovely woman showing her lovely face from the side

Ditch the Scalpel: 4 Revolutionary Non-surgical Facelifts That Work

Our skin loses its youthful glow and elasticity as we grow older. Unfortunately, this often leads to the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. A facelift is a popular solution, but many are wary of undergoing surgery. Fortunately, non-surgical facelift treatments have come a long way. They offer safe and effective alternatives to invasive procedures. This comprehensive guide will explore four non-surgical facelift alternatives: Botox, EMface, Sculptra, and Morpheus8, to help you decide which treatment suits your aesthetic goals and needs.

Botox: The Anti-aging Toxin Alternative

Botox is among the most popular cosmetic treatments globally. This non-invasive facelift procedure targets dynamic wrinkles caused by repeated muscle movements. It temporarily paralyzes the facial muscles by blocking the release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that controls muscle contractions. This leads to the relaxation of the facial muscles and the smoothing of the skin. Ultimately, you enjoy a more youthful appearance.

Botox targets a variety of areas on the face, such as:

  • glabellar lines: the lines that form between the eyebrows
  •  crow’s feet: wrinkles around the eyes
  •  perioral lines: wrinkles around the mouth
  •  marionette lines: wrinkles around the chin

Not only does it treat existing wrinkles, but it is also a powerful preventative treatment. It can help slow down skin aging. Starting Botox treatments in your 20s or early 30s can help prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place. As a result, you will undoubtedly get a more youthful and radiant appearance for years.

Sculptra: The Collagen Stimulating Filler

Sculptra is not your average dermal filler. Instead, it is a unique collagen-stimulating treatment. In short, it provides a subtle, natural, and gradual improvement in your skin’s appearance. Sculptra works by activating the natural production of collagen in the body. Collagen is a protein in the skin that gives it firmness, smoothness, and elasticity.

This treatment can effectively treat areas such as the cheeks, chin, and temples. In addition, it discreetly smoothes out lines, wrinkles, and folds. Sculptra’s unique formulation and mechanism of action make it an excellent option for those seeking a more natural-looking and long-lasting improvement in their appearance.

The treatment process involves a series of injections precisely placed in the treatment areas. The body slowly and gradually absorbs Sculptra. Consequently, it stimulates collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin. Furthermore, it restores volume and smoothness to the face.

Morpheus8: The Radiofrequency Microneedling Solution

Morpheus8 is a non-surgical facelift treatment that harnesses the power of micro-needling and fractional radiofrequency (RF). As a result, it stimulates collagen production in the skin, leading to a more youthful and lifted appearance. This powerful treatment addresses wrinkles, sagging skin, and even acne marks. In fact, it is an excellent option for anyone looking to achieve a more radiant and youthful appearance.

Morpheus8 targets the deeper layers of the skin. It creates tiny wounds that trigger the body’s natural healing process. This process stimulates collagen production and helps the skin to maintain its elasticity. As a result, you will see smoother, tighter, and more youthful-looking skin. Moreover, the radiofrequency energy acts on the underlying dermis of the skin to contract collagen fibers. This further helps with skin tightening.

Morpheus8 is highly effective in treating different body areas, including the face, neck, chest, and abdomen. The treatment takes less than an hour. Patients can usually resume their daily activities immediately after the procedure.

EMface: The Toxin-free, Needle-free Facelift

EMface is a revolutionary non-invasive facelift alternative. It uses radiofrequency and HIFES technology to activate the elevator muscles, effectively lifting the face. The treatment is entirely non-surgical, needle-free, and toxin-free. This non-surgical facelift stimulates collagen and elastin production in the deep layers of the skin. The result is a lifted and more youthful look.

EMface can reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles and sculpt the face. In short, it can take years off your appearance. This virtually painless treatment requires no downtime, making it an ideal solution for busy individuals.


  1.  Consultation: The treatment usually begins with a consultation session. Our experienced aestheticians will examine your skin during the consultation. Then, we will decide on the best course of action.
  2.  Preparation: To start with, we first clean the treatment area. Then, we apply a gel to facilitate the flow of electrostimulation and protect the skin.
  3.  Application: Next, we place the EMface device on the targeted area. This applies gentle electrostimulation and radiofrequency waves to the facial muscles. The HIFES energy activates the elevator muscles. While the radiofrequency energy reduces wrinkles and fine lines and sculpts the face.
  4.  Treatment Time: The treatment time usually takes about 20 minutes.
  5.  Aftercare: Patients can immediately return to their daily routine after the procedure. You should always follow the aesthetician’s aftercare instructions. It is imperative to ensure the best possible results.

Non-Invasive Facelift Options Near Me

Looking for a safe and efficient way to address the signs of aging and give you a more youthful look? Non-surgical facelifts are the best option for you! At Dermatology Laser Center and MediSpa, we offer painless EMface treatments in Baltimore that deliver remarkable results. Our team of professionals is experienced in performing EMface treatments and can help you get smoother, lifted, and rejuvenated skin.

As the leading providers of EMface in Owings Mills, MD, serving the surrounding areas, including Baltimore, we invite you to contact us and learn more about its benefits. Contact us today at (410) 356-0000 to schedule a complimentary consultation and reclaim your youth.

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*BTL Data on file

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Everything You Need to Know about EMface

a beautiful woman touched her cheek and posed
a beautiful woman touched her cheek and posed

Everything You Need to Know about EMface Facial Rejuvenation

Odds are you have heard the word EMFace but how much do you know about the newest aesthetic treatment making waves in the industry? This article will discuss the new revolutionary facelift alternative and how it changes the facial rejuvenation game.

How Do the Structural Proteins in the Face Change as We Age?

As we age, we lose the natural supply of structural proteins in the face. These proteins are collagen and elastin. They are responsible for keeping our skin flexible, smooth, and supple. However, as we age, our body stops producing as many of these proteins—leading to a decrease in skin elasticity and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

While several anti-aging creams and serums are available with collagen and elastin, they are not enough to stop the unavoidable progression of aging. This is why more and more people turn to aesthetic treatments, and even plastic surgery, to look younger for longer. Luckily, with technological advancements, EMface procedures make facial rejuvenation possible without surgery, pain, or downtime.

How Does EMface Improve the Face?

EMface is a breakthrough treatment that combines two different modalities. The HIFESTM (high-frequency electrical stimulation) energy and Synchronized RF (radio frequency) energy combination is unlike anything else available today. The HIFESTM provides gentle electrostimulation for restoring and elevating facial tissue by contracting muscles and increasing the density/quality of muscle structure. To put it simply, HIFESTM energy gently lifts the face. At the same time, the Synchronized Radiofrequency (RF) energy remodels and smooths the skin by heating the dermis and increasing collagen and elastin fibers. When paired together, the EMface technology reduces the appearance of wrinkles and sculpts the face, resulting in comfortable and painless facial rejuvenation.

EMface Facial Rejuvenation Benefits

  •  Lateral Brow Lift
  •  Lifted Cheeks
  •  Snatched Jawline
  •  Wrinkle Reduction
  •  Tighter Skin
  •  Younger Appearance

How EMface Compares to Other Popular Cosmetic Treatments

EMface vs. Traditional Facelift

EMface is a non-surgical alternative to a traditional facelift (Rhytidectomy). Treatments using EMface are specifically designed to not just improve the face on a superficial level, like your traditional facelifts, but it enhances the face from within by stimulating the muscles of the face and inducing a boost in natural collagen production.

In addition, EMface treatments only last 20 minutes, whereas a traditional facelift takes hours for a surgical procedure with a lengthy recovery period. EMface improves the face inside and outside, reducing noticeable signs of aging, providing progressive facial rejuvenating results, and lifting and toning the facial muscles without needing a surgical incision.

EMface vs. Botox

When it comes to reducing dynamic wrinkles and creases, EMface is an excellent alternative to Botox. The non-invasive procedure requires no needles, meaning the risk of adverse effects is significantly reduced. The electrical micro-currents also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which naturally helps the skin look tighter and more youthful.

In addition, EMface can accomplish things Botox cannot. For example, EMface improves muscle tone in the face. Where Botox merely relaxes the muscles, EMface’s HIFES technology gently stimulates the muscles strengthening them, so the face appears firmer and more lifted.

EMface vs. Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers help reduce wrinkles and give the face more volume. As we age, we lose fat under the skin on our faces. This makes smile lines and crow’s feet more noticeable. The skin on our faces also stretches out a bit, contributing to volume loss. The use of fillers helps to alleviate volume loss and improves facial symmetry.

EMface accomplishes similar results by restoring muscle tone and reducing wrinkles. There is considerable debate on whether you can continue receiving dermal fillers AND get EMface treatments. The truth is that you can enjoy both. It is, however, a good idea to consult your doctor beforehand so they can build the perfect treatment plan. Dr. Snyder at Dermatology Laser Center and MediSpa offers EMface and dermal fillers for his patients so they can always look their best.

EMface vs Morpheus8

Morpheus8 is another newer device available for facial rejuvenation. This treatment combines original microneedling with powerful radiofrequency energy. Much like EMface, Morpheus8 is a treatment that provides progressive results by addressing skin laxity concerns on the inside. The tiny micro-needles create wounds that induce a natural healing response in the skin, prompting an increase in collagen and elastin production.

The difference is that EMface does not require needles, unlike Moprheus8. As a result, EMface can induce the same collagen and elastin boost without creating minor skin wounds.

EMface Treatments with Dr. Snyder

Dr. Snyder of Dermatology Laser Center and MediSpa is proud to be the FIRST EMface provider in the state of Maryland. If you want to reverse the signs of aging and improve your facial appearance inside and out, EMface is the answer. Contact Dr. Snyder’s office today to schedule your initial appointment. Call (410) 356-0000 or reach out to us online to schedule your EMface consultation now.

Popular EMFace FAQs

According to results seen in EMface clinical studies, YES! EMface is worth it. According to studies, this facelift alternative, on average, achieves a 37% reduction in wrinkles, a 30% increase in facial muscle tone, and provides a 23% lifting effect.

EMface results are progressive, as they induce collagen and elastin production that improves even after your last treatment. It also increases facial muscle tone and density. However, the muscle improvements are not permanent. Therefore, it is recommended to continue periodic EMface treatments to maintain your firm, lifted appearance.

Most patients begin seeing improvements instantly. However, the full manifestation of results takes 6 to 12 weeks after the final EMface treatment. As always, results will vary per person.*

One of the best things about the new EMface is that treatments last approximately 20 minutes. You feel a slight muscle massage with a warming sensation during your treatment. We recommend a minimum of four sessions spaced one week apart for optimal facial rejuvenation.

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*BTL Data on file

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How Is AviClear Changing the Treatment of Moderate to Severe Acne?

a woman with a magnifying glass examining her acne
a woman with a magnifying glass examining her acne

How Is AviClear Changing the Treatment of Moderate to Severe Acne?

Tired of dealing with mild to severe acne? Look no further—AviClear is revolutionizing the way we achieve clear, radiant skin. Dermatology Laser Center and Medispa in Baltimore, MD is excited to offer this cutting-edge treatment to our patients for a faster and more efficient solution to their acne concerns. Discover how AviClear works, what you can expect from the treatment, and how to get the most out of it.

How Does AviClear Acne Treatment Work?

AviClear is a unique laser treatment that can clear up your blemishes. It’s the only one of its kind that has been FDA-approved. Best of all, you don’t need a prescription. It’s safe for all skin types and colors. After three 30-minute sessions, you’ll start noticing an impressive change in your skin within a few months.

This innovative acne treatment’s laser sends a beam of energy to the sebaceous gland. This is the part of your skin that produces oil. When this oil mixes with dead skin cells, it can clog your pores and cause pimples. AviClear stops the gland from making too much oil, so you won’t get as many pimples in the first place.

Why Choose AviClear Over Other Acne Treatments?

Unlike other treatments that rely on drugs and chemicals, AviClear uses a gentle laser technology that’s easy on the skin. It’s pain-free and provides long-lasting results that will leave you with a luminous complexion.

A common concern people have with other acne treatments is experiencing bad breakouts before achieving clear skin. This is also known as “skin purging.” Many patients have expressed feeling embarrassed about this, and seek an effective alternative without going through the awkward phase. AviClear is that solution. When paired with a robust skincare routine, it can help you achieve a healthy glow for years to come.

Does the Procedure Hurt?

Patients don’t feel much discomfort with AviClear. Its cooling feature, AviCool, keeps your skin cool during the treatment. At most, you might feel a slight snapping sensation as the laser works its magic.

What Can I Expect After AviClear?

AviClear doesn’t have significant side effects like other acne treatments do. You can achieve flawless skin without dealing with pain, flare-ups before improvement, or flaking skin.

Curious about what your face will look like after AviClear? Check out our patients’ before and after photos. Those starting with persistent acne finally see clearer, smoother skin. Many of our female clients love that they can flaunt their natural beauty without wearing as much makeup after the treatment.

When Will I See the Results?*

Most of our patients see stunning results about four to twelve weeks after their final treatment session. But like any medical and cosmetic treatment, results vary per person.* Everyone’s body reacts to AviClear differently, so you may notice changes sooner or later than the average time frame.

Does AviClear Get Rid of Acne Scars?

AviClear isn’t a treatment for acne scars specifically, but it can reduce inflammation. This helps make the redness of acne marks less noticeable. After your AviClear treatment, you may consider a microdermabrasion facial treatment to further diminish acne scars.

Are Aviclear's Results Permanent?

AviClear’s effects are long-lasting. Patients enjoy clear skin for about two years before needing to possibly return for follow-up appointments. Again, each person’s experience is unique. There are many factors at play, like hormones and lifestyle factors. You may or may not need to come back depending on how your body reacts to AviClear.

How Much Does AviClear Cost in Baltimore?

Comprehensive AviClear treatment can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 or more. The exact cost varies depending on your unique treatment plan and skin needs. Current or ongoing promotions and special discounts may make the treatment more affordable.

Find out how much AviClear will cost you by scheduling a free initial consultation with Dermatology Laser Center and Medispa. Our specialists will evaluate your skin condition and learn about your cosmetic concerns. From there, we can put together an effective treatment plan that suits your needs within your budget.

What Is AviClear's Aftercare Like?

AviClear has minimal downtime, which means you can resume your daily activities after each treatment. Assuming you already have a solid skincare regimen, you shouldn’t need to change your routine. During your consultation, we’ll go over what you’re using and may make recommendations for changes if needed.

What Can I Do to Maintain Clear Skin?

Besides following your AviClear treatment plan, you must avoid popping pimples during the process. Doing so can lead to scarring and hamper healing.

We recommend the following practices to maintain clear skin:

  •  Wash your face twice a day
  •  Rinse your face after sweating
  •  Avoid touching your face
  •  Always apply sunscreen, even when it’s cloudy out
  •  Use gentle, clean skincare products
  •  Stay hydrated with clear fluids
  •  Eat well-balanced meals
  •  Apply natural makeup products
  •  Get enough sleep
  •  Minimize stress
  •  Keep hair out of the face

Is AviClear Right for Me?

AviClear can help with all types of acne, whether it’s mild, moderate, or severe. Patients with hormonal, cystic, and/or inflammatory breakouts have come to us for AviClear acne treatment.

In other words, virtually anyone with acne, regardless of age, can get AviClear. The laser will diminish your current pimples and prevent new ones from forming. Say goodbye to pesky blemishes and hello to a smooth, refreshed complexion!

AviClear Acne Treatment in Baltimore

Don’t let acne ruin your life. Dermatology Laser and Medispa is the leading AviClear provider in Owings Mills, MD, and Baltimore County. We’re proud to help people get acne-free skin. Our board-certified dermatologists will work with you to find the perfect solution for your unique needs, lifestyle, and budget. Schedule a consultation today by calling (410) 356-0000. We look forward to taking the first step with you toward beautiful, healthy skin.

Schedule a Free Consultation

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1. Data on file. FDA clearance study. Cutera Inc.

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Before and After CoolSculpting: How to Prepare and What to Expect

woman with a pink background smiling and posing
woman with a pink background smiling and posing

Before and After CoolSculpting: How to Prepare and What to Expect

Everyone’s heard of the transformative powers of fat-freezing technology. Many have tried it and fallen in love. Are you considering CoolSculpting as a non-invasive way to shape and tone your body? If so, you’re probably wondering:

You’re not alone. That’s why we brought all our favorite tips and bits of advice together so you’d have the 411 on body contouring. CoolSculpting has become a popular treatment for reducing diet- and exercise-resistant fat cells in targeted areas. Many men and women have seen impressive results from it. But as with any cosmetic procedure, it’s crucial to understand what to expect before and after CoolSculpting. Let’s dive into the basis for preparation and aftercare, so you can achieve the best possible results.

What to Expect from CoolSculpting

Using patented cooling techniques, CoolSculpting freezes stubborn fat in nine areas of the body. Depending on the areas you’re treating, the sessions can last anywhere from one to three hours. Don’t worry though, it’s not a painful procedure.

A professional will carefully place a gel pad and applicator on the treatment area, and once the body contouring machine begins working, you’ll likely feel a bit of pulling and pinching. When the fat-freezing process is complete, your provider should massage the area to help promote proper drainage. And that’s it! You’re free to get back to your day. Some slight cramping, tingling, or bruising might occur, but any side effects should go away within a few days. If something persists or seems off, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor.

CoolSculpting Results

Within a few weeks to a month after your CoolSculpting session, you can expect to start seeing results. It takes a little time to see your newly defined body because the treated fat cells need to process and flush out of the body. Two or three months after treatment is when you’ll see optimal results. Keep in mind that not every area of the body responds the same to CoolSculpting. Some require more than one treatment session to help patients reach their goals. The right provider will listen to your goals and create a custom plan that you feel comfortable with. But get ready, because once you feel the effects of CoolSculpting, your clothes should fit better!

This treatment is highly effective at helping people regain confidence, as you can see in these before and after pictures. Of course, it’s important to note that results vary. A complimentary consultation is one easy way to help figure out what to expect for yourself before making any decisions.

How to Prepare for CoolSculpting

Before booking an appointment, you should consult with a qualified provider. If you’re looking for CoolSculpting in Owings Mills or the Baltimore area, consider Dermatology Laser Center and Medispa. Even though CoolSculpting is safe and effective for most body types, you still need a professional to assess your specific needs and ensure CoolSculpting is the best option.

Once your provider determines you’re a good candidate, here’s how to prepare for your first session:

Lose Extra Weight

Contrary to what some might think, CoolSculpting is not a weight loss solution. If you aren’t near your ideal weight, shed those pounds before CoolSculpting to get the best results. This fat-freezing treatment is great for reducing fat and getting closer to your figure goals. But it’s not the right treatment if you’re looking to bring down the number on the scale.

Wear Loose and Comfortable Clothing

On the day of the procedure, you should wear loose and comfortable clothing to avoid unnecessary pressure or irritation on the treatment areas. A breathable T-shirt and shorts or a roomy maxi dress will work well. If in doubt about what to wear, ask your provider during the initial consultation.

Avoid Certain Medications

Some medications, including blood thinners and anti-inflammatory drugs, can increase the risk of bleeding and bruising after CoolSculpting. Discuss any medications you are taking with your provider. You’ll need to make temporary adjustments before the procedure to avoid complications.

What Is CoolSculpting Aftercare Like?

After CoolSculpting, it’s normal to experience some redness, swelling, bruising, and tenderness in the treated area. These after-effects resolve without intervention within a week. To help with the recovery process, follow these aftercare tips:

  1. Follow Your Provider’s Instructions
    A qualified provider will provide specific instructions for aftercare to ensure the best possible results. Try to follow them as best you can to get optimal results and a speedy recovery.
  2. Avoid Strenuous Activity
    It’s best to take a break from intense workouts involving heavy lifting for at least a week after the procedure. This helps your body heal, so the after-effects don’t last as long.
  3. Don’t Drink Alcohol or Smoke
    Alcoholic beverages and smoking can interfere with the body’s ability to heal. Avoid these habits for a week or two after the procedure.
A group of people having fun while exercising

The best way to maximize your CoolSculpting results is to stay healthy. Stick to a good diet and keep active regularly. Prioritize your mental health so that you take care of yourself. Remember that although the frozen fat cells will never return, there are still fat cells existing that can expand. And reach out to a professional with any questions or concerns.

Try CoolSculpting in Baltimore, MD

If you’re searching for the best fat-freezing results, you’ve found the right med spa clinic. At Dermatology Laser Center and Medispa, we take care of patients during every step of the body contouring process to ensure you feel comfortable and are choosing treatments that work for you. If you’re in Baltimore County or Owings Mills, MD, call (410) 356-0000 to schedule a free consultation.

Schedule a Free Consultation

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Schedule a Free Consultation

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CoolSculpting Thighs Owings Mills | CoolSculpting Thigh Results

the beautiful body curve of a woman stroking her legs
the beautiful body curve of a woman stroking her legs

3 Ways CoolSculpting Effectively Enhances Legs: CoolSculpting Thighs in Owings Mills

Slim Your Inner & Outer Thighs with CoolSculpting Treatments

Everyone’s body is unique, beautiful in its own way. Often, whether through aging, life events, or lifestyle changes, our curves become different. Stubborn fat areas develop, cellulite begins to show, and self-confidence can unfortunately decline. As humans, we are so aware of our bodily changes. These changes in combination with constant comparisons to others can have an impact on how we view ourselves. From wanting a thigh gap to working toward slimmer legs overall, many of us exercise and stick to healthy diets. But that’s not always enough to reach goals. That’s when patients come to the Dermatology Laser Center and MediSpa for CoolSculpting outer and inner thighs.

How the CoolSculpting Process Works

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat-reduction treatment. It uses controlled cooling to rid excess fat cells from the body. The treatment freezes fat cells so that they burst, and the body can metabolize them. It’s a popular choice for those looking to contour and reshape their legs. In fact, a clinical study by the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery, Inc. notes that “93% of subjects were satisfied, 89% would recommend inner thigh cryolipolysis to a friend, 91% were likely to have a second procedure, and 84% noticed visible fat reduction in their inner thighs after one treatment.”

At the Dermatology Laser Center and MediSpa, our professionals are here to help you safely achieve your leg contouring dreams. Dr. Steven B. Snyder is a renowned dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon. At the forefront of aesthetic treatment technology, he helps patients in the Baltimore area. Together, we can cold sculpt your inner and outer thighs with minimal downtime for you to enjoy phenomenal results. Get in touch today for a free consultation!

Let’s take a closer look at the ways a CoolSculpting thigh treatment can enhance the legs.

3 Reasons CoolSculpting Thigh Treatments Improve Legs

1. CoolSculpting Reduces Unwanted Fat on the Outer and Inner Thigh

Do you have stubborn fat that doesn’t seem to budge with a healthy diet and lifestyle? CoolSculpting thighs can reduce excess fat by up to 25% after one treatment. It can drastically improve the overall shape of your legs. Unlike exercise, you can use CoolSculpting to target trouble areas. Once the treatment freezes specific fat cells, they come out of the body over several weeks. This results in a slimmer, more toned appearance in the legs.

2. CoolSculpting Improves the Appearance of Cellulite

The thighs are a cellulite-prone area for many people. Fortunately, another benefit of CoolSculpting inner thighs is that it can improve the appearance of dimpled skin. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for this, CoolSculpting cellulite areas can help smooth and tighten the skin. This results in a more toned and youthful appearance. It is particularly evident in CoolSculpting thighs before and after photos. As you can see in our patients’ transformation images below, the results are natural-looking, yet impressive.

3. CoolSculpting Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence

Loving how you look can have a huge impact on your overall well-being and happiness. If you’ve felt self-conscious about showing off your legs, a CoolSculpting session may be what you need. Whether you’re hitting the beach or running errands, you’ll feel good about wearing shorts, dresses, and swimwear after this treatment.

CoolSculpting Thighs Before and After*

CoolSculpting has successfully helped patients for years, and only improves with time. It is a preferred approach to minimizing unwanted fat and sculpting the body.

*Keep in mind that results vary from person to person. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a consultation if you would like to discuss your options and goals!

CoolSculpting Thigh Results

Besides minimal downtime, people enjoy CoolSculpting because it’s quick, easy, and non-invasive. Those with a packed schedule can schedule CoolSculpting sessions during their lunch breaks. Results are natural-looking, so others won’t think you got any work done. It’s important to know that CoolSculpting results are not immediately seen. Changes are gradual as your body metabolizes the ruptured fat cells. Most patients begin to see full results around three or four months after treatment.

With that in mind, here are steps you can take to maximize your CoolSculpting results:

  • Maintain an active lifestyle with a healthy diet to boost overall wellness
  •  Avoid strenuous exercise for 48 hours after treatment to prevent injury
  •  Drink plenty of clear fluids before treatment and maintain excellent hydration after
  •  Continue treatment area massages at home to improve circulation during healing
  •  Incorporate regular stretching into your routine to help relieve any discomfort
  •  Wear a compression garment to relieve swelling, otherwise stick to loose, flowy clothes fildena
  •  Try to stay away from anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen for several weeks after treatment
  •  Monitor your healing progress and consult our team if discomfort worsens or you have concerns

CoolSculpting results are long-lasting, especially if you take the proper steps during and after the healing process. Once those fat cells are gone, they will never come back. However, fat cells that remain in the area can continue to grow. Excessive weight gain can negatively impact results. Be mindful of your lifestyle habits, and always reach out with questions. If you are struggling with unwanted fat bulges along your inner and outer thighs, CoolSculpting might be the perfect solution.

CoolSculpting at Dermatology Laser Center and MediSpa

CoolSculpting is a skill-sensitive treatment. While many medical spas offer this revolutionary fat-freezing solution, they are not all equal. Your results and experience depend on the provider you trust. The skin experts at Dermatology Laser Center and MediSpa have decades of experience in CoolSculpting the thighs for beautiful legs. By choosing us, you’ll enjoy long-lasting results and have a memorable spa experience.

Whether you are hoping to reduce unwanted fat, smooth out cellulite, or elevate your confidence, CoolSculpting inner thighs can help you achieve your goals. If you’re in the Baltimore area and thinking about giving it a try, consult with our team to determine if it’s right for you. We are the leading provider of fat-freezing treatments in Owings Mills, MD. Call (410) 356-0000 to begin your journey to youthful, attractive legs.

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